Training videos

Presentation of the products

Swivel chair (731)

2-seater swing bench (702)

Swivel chair (701)

Oscillating footrest (618)

3-seater swing (503)

Fixed stacking chair (311)

Lounge chair (310)

Deluxe swing on wheels (295)

Swing on wheels (194)

Independent swings (382-344-384)

Extendable table (TCA42105)

Technical training

Technical training veranda chairs and benches (15 minutes)

Technical training veranda tables (2 minutes)

Technical training veranda swings (28 minutes)

Technical training
sectional veranda

Technical training veranda pergola and shelters (8 minutes)

Technical training veranda gazebo
( 1h 5 min.)

Winter shelter and mosquito nets

Winter Chair Shelter (AH311)

Winter shelter for swings (AH1701)

Shelter and mosquito netting (AM and CM)


Repairing a creaking swing

Fabric installation

Installation of reinforcements with home made tool

Restore tension in a curtain

Training document