Independent swing 2 benchs Kaza

Our chairs and benches, fix or oscillatory, will give you great satisfaction given by their comfort, their design, their durability and easy maintenance.

We offer a complete and diversified line of products which will perfectly fit in your garden. Whether it is our patio sets with glass or aluminum table, our oscillatory chairs with an ottoman or a chair on the side of the pool, you will spend a relaxing moment there.

KZ384E340-AA Independent swing 2 benchs Kaza
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Independent swing 2 benchs Kaza



This swing consists of two oscillatory benches 702E with high ergonomic backs and offers comfort and lets you swing side by side with someone regardless of the people in front of you. Its aluminum structure is made to last throughout Quebec’s climate. It is possible to leave the swing outside during winter while taking the top off without risking any premature wear-and-tear.